October 4th, 2010
Action Adventure
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Guardian Signs Strategy
Ranger News

Two New Downloadable Missions!

Download two Extra Missions that involve a couple of incredible Pokémon: Giratina and Arceus!

The Stunning Conclusion!

Follow along to find out the incredible ending to the adventure of the Pokémon Rangers in Oblivia!

Track Down Heatran!

In the latest Special Mission, Heatran is causing trouble inside a volcano! Download the Mission now!

Save Shaymin!

The elusive Pokémon Shaymin is threatened in the latest Special Mission! Download it, and save the Pokémon!

Choose Your Destiny with Deoxys!

Go on a Special Mission and encounter the incredible Pokémon Deoxys!

Protect the Manaphy Egg!

A new Special Mission is available for download. If you can complete it, you'll earn a Manaphy Egg!

Learn New Ranger Signs!

Take a look at exclusive Ranger Signs that you can use Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs!

Who's Behind It All?

Discover who is really behind the nefarious plotting of the Pokémon Pinchers!

The Adventure Continues!

Find out what happens next as the Pokémon Rangers continue to explore the Oblivia region!

Download Special Missions!

Now's your chance to go on exciting Missions and track down extraordinary Pokémon!

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Now Available!

Now's your chance to head to the Oblivia Region! Pick up Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs in stores today!

Ranger Wallpaper!

Download Pokémon Ranger wallpapers for your computer!

The Life of a Ranger

Learn about the skills and roles of a Pokémon Ranger, including using the Capture Styler and performing Field Moves.

Rangers on the Move!

The Pokémon Rangers are taking their talents to a new location, the Oblivia Region!
Get together with friends to tackle Wireless Multiplayer Missions! Using local wireless communications, up to four people can play together. To access these Missions, each player needs to first meet Celebi and gain the ability to travel back and forth through time. The Missions involve the players going back in time to solve the mysteries of Oblivia's past. They don't have to be played—but by completing these Missions, the players can change the present to unlock new areas!
The Pokémon that you've captured and befriended in the main story can't be taken back in time to complete Wireless Missions. You'll have to choose from a number of other Pokémon instead. The more Missions you complete, the more Pokémon you'll be able to choose from! At the end of the missions, you can trade slates with your friends, too.

Ranger Net is the in-game system for downloading missions and transferring Pokémon. Look forward to downloadable Special Missions from Ranger...

Deoxys and the Odd Temple

You'll have to join up with at least one other player to go after the elusive Deoxys! Deoxys appears in four Formes; how quickly you clear the...

Protect the Blue Sphere!

A Manaphy Egg floated in the surf in the Oblivia region, but it was quickly stolen by the Pokémon Pinchers! Go after the Pinchers and reclaim...

Rescue the Lost Shaymin!

The Pokémon Pinchers have stepped up their attacks on Pokémon, and now they want to capture and sell Shaymin! Now it's up to you to rescue Shaymin...

Investigate the Odd Eruption!

It's not just Pokémon that the Rangers look after. A group of tourists has gotten into a sticky situation—they've been trapped by a volcanic...

Giratina's Griseous Orb

Head out on an adventure to recover the Griseous Orb, an item that was stolen in ancient times. Then, fight to save the lost Giratina! Receive...

Arceus Must Be Stopped!

The Alpha Pokémon Arceus has plans to wreak havoc upon the world! Who will stand up to the powerful Pokémon before it can execute its plan?...
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